(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

‘Tis the season for cleaning and organizing like a pro. Though we can’t say exactly why springtime gets more cleaning buzz than the other seasons, there is something to be said for the collective decluttering energy in the air right now. And hey, it’s pretty great to waltz into warmer months without winter’s dust bunnies and unwanted holiday gifts still taking up space, right? With the Marie Kondo effect still going strong, this is bound to be a tidying up season for the books. But even with all of the pressure afloat, it can be difficult to act on spring cleaning if you don’t find the exact inspiration for you.

Spring Cleaning for Your Mood

Apartment Therapy is bringing you 20 days of spring cleaning, designed for your life — and your mood. Each day, you can choose what kind of clean you’re feeling.

For some people, that inspiration is their physical or mental health. For others, it might be the financial incentive of selling items they no longer need. Whatever the case may be, you’re not alone if you want to make your home sparkle but can’t seem to summon the will just yet. (Our Spring Cleaning Program might help!). For those of you out there who are visually inspired, we have some eye candy for you that might do the trick.

A quick word of advice: don’t underestimate the impact inspiring images might have on your spring cleaning. Part of the magic of Marie Kondo’s Netflix series isn’t necessarily her approach or advice–it’s seeing the spaces come together. This might just be one of those spheres wherein social media is truly helpful–as long as you don’t get so distracted looking at organization inspiration that you forget to start on your own stuff, that is.

Follow these pros on Instagram and you could discover that the clean-looking feed you scroll through starts influencing the digs you stroll through.

Can you imagine having your cosmetics (and other assorted body products) this organized? It’s a tall order considering the morning rush most of us experience. Amid that (often caffeinated) chaos, it can seem like just way too much to carefully place something as small as lipstick back after using it, but think about how calming it would feel to choose your products each day this easily.

While everyone has their own personal preference for closet organization, it’s difficult to argue with a color-arranged and seasonally appropriate refresh like this one.

Raise your hand if your pantry could use a little love! (we’re raising our hands!). Look: It’s easy to let pantries slip away from us. They’re usually concealed from immediate view and we tend to grab ingredients haphazardly–when we’re hangry, when our hands are covered in flour–

it’s a ticking time-bomb kinda situation. But this perfect pantry is serious #goals.

Ever notice how the places we stow our cleaning supplies aren’t always that… well… clean? Ironic, indeed. But this photo reminds us that cleaning products deserve clean spaces, too. Additionally, seeing our supplies in a neat spot might more effectively inspire us to actually use them.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live in a world where objects that belong to children magically arrange themselves like this. Without the help of Mary Poppins herself, motivational images might do the trick.